It Ain’t the Fourth Without Mr. Charles

Is nice

Black. Bunched. Mass. Mom.



and yes, I’m the crazy black woman who blasts this out of her house/car windows.


Happy Fourth, ya’ll!

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Frustration? Stagnation? Or the Right Place for Right Now?


Black. Bunched. Mass. Mom.

Photo: Me during the ambitious days. And also the bad hair days.

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend–a long one if you are here in the States, a regular one if you hail from  other places in the world. I spent the weekend entertaining my idiot in-laws, going to Maine, and then continuing to pack my apartment for our August move.

When we decided that we were going to make this hop, I decided that we were going to make a major purge. We have a lot of junk, and a lot of it has been in boxes that we never really unpacked. It was time to go through and do an assessment. Two major elements of said purge would be old books that we’d read but didn’t necessarily want anymore (we both have Kindles now and have no use for paper books–but as learned individuals, we…

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Niestety, to jest życie / Unfortunately, this is the life

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Niestety to jest życie

Życie jest piękne ale czasami chcę odejść tylko dlatego: Byliśmy parą ale potem spodobała mu się inna. Załamałam się. Minął już prawie rok. Nadal go kocham. Może mam jeszcze jakieś szanse u niego. Bardzo bym chciała. Jest moim szczęściem, które już odeszło. Szczęście czasami powraca, ale czy w takim wypadku będzie tak samo? Kocham prawdziwie, nie ogarniam sztucznej miłości. / Life is beautiful but sometimes I want to leave just because: We have a couple but then I liked it different. I broke down. It’s been almost a year. I still love him. Maybe I have a chance with him. I’d love to. It is my good fortune that has already gone. Happiness sometimes comes back, but is in this case will be the same? I love real, not artificial loving embrace.

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